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SE1233: High Conductive Graphene for Corrosion Protection and Electrics

SE1233 from The Sixth Element is a highly conductive type of graphene developed with low percolation value and customizable platelet size. Standard nano-particle dispersion methods can be used to disperse SE1233 in any liquid binder system, organic solvent and water.

SEM SE1233.

SEM SE1233. Image Credit: The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology Co, Ltd


Unique corrosion protection primer formulation with a very low addition can be achieved using SE1233. Thanks to the low percolation value, electrically conductive polymer formulations can be realized with addition levels lower than standard carbon black materials.

Adding higher quantities of SE1233 can ensure high thermal conductive polymer formulations. When combined with other thermally conductive materials, SE1233 can help balance thermal conductivity with mechanical performance.

The addition of SE1233 in lithium-ion battery cathode material improves its electronic conductivity, thereby increasing cyclic life and specific capacity.

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