Tosca 400: An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for Nanomaterial Science

The Tosca 400 from Anton Paar is a high-grade Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for entry-level budget, providing the quickest measurement setup and largest sample stage. The device can efficiently deliver the AFM nano surface analysis of the users.

Tosca is considered to be the trusted instrument for scientists, thinkers, creators and pioneers in the field of nanotechnology material science.

The system does away with the mode switching using head exchange and facilitates measurement on precisely the same spot by employing all available modes integrated under a single head.

Tosca 400

  • Highest level of hardware and software automation available for users’ AFM
  • Widest sample stage in price segment (ranging up to 200 mm for wafers)
  • Cantilever exchange can be performed within 10 seconds
  • Quickest time-to-measure on the market (just 3 minutes)
  • All modes on the same sample spot come without head exchange

Tosca 400: An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for Nanomaterial Science

Image Credit: Anton Paar GmbH


The system has been loaded with patented and brilliant features making each step in the AFM measurement procedure special and highly simplified. Thus, the AFM workflow facilitates 10 times quicker delivery of results compared to traditional AFM systems.

The system is simple to use enabling quicker learning, within an hour. The system allows quick and secured cantilever loading in seconds, the most intuitive sample navigation, automatic laser alignment and the safest commercially available engagement procedure. Therefore, the system offers the user ample time to concentrate on the research outcomes.

Cantilever loading

Video Credit: Anton Paar GmbH

Learning to use the AFM

  • Just one hour of training time
  • Performs 12 times quicker than the traditional AFMs


When a user intends to get started right away, how much time is required to learn to use Tosca?


The Tosca system performs an easy operation, facilitating training with the standards mode in just an hour.

Benefits and Time

Tosca enables users to start their first measurement after an hour of training, rather than the 1.5 days of delay caused by traditional AFMs.

Technical Specifications

Source: Anton Paar GmbH

  Tosca 400 Tosca 200
X-Y scan range 100 µm x 100 µm 50 µm x 50 µm*
Z scan range 15 µm 10 µm**
Z-Sensor noise 50 pm***
Max. scan speed 10 lines/s 5 lines/s
Max. sample diameter 100 mm (200 mm****) 50 mm
Max. sample height 25 mm (2 mm****)
Max. sample weight <600 g
Position repeatability
<1 µm
Video Microscope
Camera Color, 5 megapixel, CMOS sensor
Field of view 1.73 mm x 1.73 mm
Spatial resolution 5 µm
Focus Motorized focus
Overview Camera
Camera Color, 5 megapixel, CMOS sensor
Field of view 40 mm x 40 mm
Spatial resolution 50 µm
Side-View Camera
Side-view camera Black and white, range of view 30 mm
Standard modes Contact mode, tapping mode (including phase image), lateral force microscopy, force distance curve
Optional modes Contact resonance amplitude imaging, magnetic force microscopy, Kelvin probe force microscopy, electrostatic force microscopy, conductive atomic force microscopy, current control conductive atomic force microscopy
Dimensions and Weight
Size (D x W x H), AFM unit 490 mm x 410 mm x 505 mm
Size (D x W x H), controller 340 mm x 305 mm x 280 mm
Weight, AFM unit 51.1 kg
Weight, controller 7.8 kg

* optional upgrade to 90 µm x 90 µm
** optional upgrade to 12 µm or 15 µm
*** Average value of actuator bodies produced; maximum value 80 pm
**** when using the Wafer Stage (optional)
Tosca is a registered trademark (013412143) of Anton Paar.

Tosca Atomic Force Microscope

Video Credit: Anton Paar GmbH

Tosca Atomic Force Microscope. Wafer Stage.

Video Credit: Anton Paar GmbH

Tosca™ 400 Atomic Force Microscope

Video Credit: Anton Paar GmbH

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