Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) for Industrial Solutions

As atomic force microscopes join more fields of application, particularly in industry, quality management and manufacturing processes, standard AFM systems are frequently becoming insufficient for the assigned task.

When users require the AFM to be totally implemented into a process or the samples are too large for standard setups, Nanosurf provides the key service of creating and making custom AFM systems and stages that will enable users to perform the metrics with the least disruption to the existing process.

The instrument development team will design and develop a system that suits the user’s exact needs in close collaboration and continuous discussion with the user.

A kick-off meeting will be arranged with the project team and the engineers to fully comprehend the user’s requirements after the first inquiry for a personalization project. Nanosurf creates a solution concept and prepares an estimate based on this.

The next stage is to have a group session about the solution concept. When users place an order based on the concept and estimation, the engineers design and build solutions in close association with the collaborators. Eventually, the system is tested before delivering and installing it at the user’s location.

Nanosurf’s experience with extremely complex solutions has developed over the years of designing custom AFM-based systems. The Industrial Solutions business unit now provides work for over 12 highly skilled engineers, AFM specialists, physicists and software developers. Example: Motorized XYZΦ translation stage.

Engineered to User’s Requirements

This custom stage, especially designed for the quality management of large glass samples, helps to keep all progression below the sample, reducing the risk of contamination from abrasions in moving components. The manual movement of the scan head between two defined positions retains the complete dimensions of the stage limited while still allowing control over the entire sample in the same relative orientation.

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) for Industrial Solutions

Visualize the solution taking shape, from initial sketch, via physically precise construction—to the final solution delivered and installed at user’s facility. Image Credit: Nanosurf AG

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