Accurion i4 Active Vibration Isolation

The i4 from Park Systems is an advanced active vibration isolation system. It offers active compensation in all six degrees of freedom and is suitable for isolating high-resolution measuring equipment from building vibrations and other disturbances.

Starting at 0.6 Hz, the isolation effect rises to a maximum performance of –40 dB at 10 Hz, when 99.0% of the vibration is isolated. In addition to the extremely short settling time, the lack of low-frequency resonance proves a major advantage, whereas passive isolators amplify vibrations instead of isolating them.

The three diverse versions of the i4 series have multifunctional active vibration isolation systems for a wide range of applications. This gives users flexibility for future projects with a single model.

Functionality Reduced to the Max

The system provides direct handling for easy operation in addition to the low-profile carbon design. The control panel of the i4 is self-explanatory and has three buttons controlling the entire system. As such, the user can focus on the application as no manual adjustment or tuning is necessary.

Pneumatic systems typically require a compressed air supply to function, i4 users, on the other hand, only need a power socket.

Video Credit: Park Systems

Key Features

  • Active Vibration Isolation happens in six degrees of freedom
  • No natural low-frequency resonance-outstanding vibration isolation characteristics in the low-frequency range
  • Automatic load adjustment and transport lock have been offered
  • No compressed air needed – power supply only
  • True active vibration isolation – immediate generation of a counterforce to redress for vibrations
  • High position stability as a result of the inherent stiffness
  • Active vibration isolation starts at 0.6 Hz (passive isolation >200 Hz)
  • The settling time is only 0.3 seconds
  • Multifunctional isolation system available for an extensive range of applications

Accurion i4 Active Vibration Isolation

Image Credit: Park Systems

Accurion i4 Active Vibration Isolation

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