RPM2000 Rapid Photoluminescence Mapper from Nanometrics

The RPM2000 Rapid Photoluminescence Mapper is a fast, room temperature photoluminescence (PL) mapping system suitable for use in R+D, production and quality control environments.

The RPM2000 has been designed specifically to obtain whole wafer PL maps in a mere fraction of the time previously associated with this sort of measurement, giving the ability to measure and assess wafers between production runs. The primary benefit is that rapid feedback and remedial action can be implemented should wafer parameters be out of specification, avoiding wasted production runs, thus saving time and costs. In addition, the speed of measurement makes incoming inspection and qualification of bought-in wafers a quick and easy task.

By using a unique design, the system achieves super fast mapping speeds without compromising spectral and spatial resolution. For example, a rapid check of integrated PL signal on a 2-inch wafer at 1mm spatial resolution can be performed in only 19 seconds. That's a 2026 point map in less than 20 seconds. Full spectral mapping, at the same spatial resolution, giving peak position, peak intensity, FWHM and integrated intensity would only take 25 seconds. In under 100 seconds, the RPM2000 can produce integrated maps of a 2-inch wafer at 0.2mm spatial resolution, a total of over 50,000 points, or spectral maps at 0.5mm spatial resolution giving 8,000 points.

The RPM2000 can also provide true image quality PL mapping at high spatial and spectral resolutions, giving the ability to examine hundreds of thousands of points on wafers up to 150mm diameter: It is possible to map at 0.1mm spatial resolution on wafers up to 100mm diameter and 0.2mm on wafers up to 150mm. For 150mm wafers a 1mm spatial resolution integrated map would take only 56 seconds and an image quality 0.2mm spatial resolution integrated map, corresponding to over 455,800 points would take only 8 minutes.


  • 0.1 mm max. resolution
  • 350 - 2600 nm spectral range
  • automated wafer handling (with Pipeline Mode)
  • suitable for 2" - 6" wafer
  • short measurement time (e.g. measurement of the integrated PL signal of a 2" wafer with 1 mm resolution in 19 seconds)
  • up to 3 lasers, 3 gratings and 2 detectors can be used simultaneous
  • long working distance (reduces the drop in the measurement quality if the wafer has a warpage)
  • 15 different laser (266 - 1064 nm)
  • 10 different gratings
  • 13 different detectors

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