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GE Optica Hygrometer

GE's Optica Series chilled mirror hygrometers offer National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST)-traceable humidity, temperature and pressure measurements for the connected generation. Now data is accessible from anywhere, any time, from within a browser over the Internet or from your Intranet.

Fundamental dew point measurement is a primary measurement used as a transfer standard for calibrating other humidity instruments and sensors. Chilled mirrors are also the sensors of choice when process and laboratory measurements call for high precision without long term drift. Optica may be used with five, fully interchangeable chilled mirror sensors to provide a measurement range from -112°F to 185°F (-80°C to 85°C) dew point with 0.36°F (0.2°C) or better accuracy.

The Optica simultaneously measures dew point, temperature and pressure. The analyzer is equipped with programmable math functions to produce custom units. The analyzer input channel is a standard 4 to 20 mA/0 to 5 VDC input, so the Optica can be connected to any type of process transmitter and be confi gured to display engineering units.

Optica Measures

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity (% RH)
  • Dew/frost point (Td)
  • Absolute humidity (m/v)
  • Mass mixing ratio (m/m)
  • Volume mixing ratio (v/v)
  • Wet bulb (Tw)
  • Enthalpy (h)
  • Water vapor pressure (e)
  • Pressure
  • Alarm relays
  • Analog outputs


  • Calibration labs
  • Process control
  • Clean rooms
  • Environmental test chambers
  • Precision HVAC monitoring and control
  • Fuel cells
  • Heat exchanger and refrigerant coil calorimeters
  • Thermal processing/heat treating
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Storage areas
  • Pharmaceutical validation chambers
  • Engine test cells and emissions testing
  • Aircraft engines and turbines

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