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Carl Zeiss PALM MicroTweezers and Force Measurement

PALM MicroTweezers, also known as optical tweezers, is a highly effective and non-invasive method to trap, move or manipulate microscopic particles such as cells, crystals, beads or even sub-cellular structures.

The module allows not only the manipulation of microscopic particles with optical tweezers, but also the quantitative measurement of forces relevant to various disciplines of life science research.

The intuitive software is easy to use and offers flexible functionality and experimental freedom ranging from sperm motility measurements to the characterization of plasma membrane properties, molecular binding forces, or cell elasticity measurements.

PALM RoboSoftware Module Force Measurement

  • Ease of use with click & trap function
  • Automated trap stiffness calibration routines
  • No detector alignment necessary
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Experimental freedom with high flexibility
  • Visual representation of calibration and experimental data
  • All images and associated data are saved for complete documentation

PALM Product Family

  • Contact-free laser micromanipulation in 3D
  • Robust and reliable setup
  • Combined optical trapping and high end imaging technology
  • Compatible with other Zeiss solutions such as PALM MicroBeam

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