Fischer-Cripps Laboratories IBIS Nanoindentation Tester

IBIS is a precision nanoindentation tester offering traceable calibration, robust design, closed loop operation, solid theoretical base, and unmatched accuracy, reliability and price. IBIS Nanoindentation Tester is compatible with ISO14577. A range of models is available to suit budget constraints. The IBIS Nanoindentation Tester is a result of 20 years development at the CSIRO National Standards Laboratory in Sydney, Australia.

All IBIS Models come with motorized z axis for automatic approach. "Simplus" has a stepper motor driven X stage for unattended operation, "Advantage" has XY stepper motor stages and single-lens microscope, and "Authority" has high resolution DC motor XY stages and 4-turret microscope. All IBIS Models can be fitted with choice of low load or high load head units.

The IBIS Nanoindentation Tester represents an economical yet powerful approach to nanoindentation. IBIS Nanoindentation Tester is what nanoindentation should be: reliable, accurate and affordable.

Essential features:

  • Dedicated force sensor separate from load actuator (a CSIRO world first)
  • Real time force (and displacement) feedback
  • Precision PZT actuator
  • Closed loop XY positioning ("Advantage" model)
  • Robust LVDT design can withstand significant abuse (a CSIRO world first)
  • Unattended operation
  • Automatic z approach
  • Compact design, clear span for large samples
  • Easy indenter changeover (no messy clamps, special tools or service calls)
  • 3 year warranty

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