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GE Novaspec III Visible Spectrophotometer

Novaspec™ III has been designed for use in the student teaching laboratory. It is a rugged, light-in-weight instrument with no moving parts, making it both highly portable and highly reliable. A fully automatic calibration at startup gives confidence in its use.

Novaspec III has a large display so that small groups of students can work around the instrument and view the results. It will only measure in the modes of interest to this category of user¾absorbance, % transmission, concentration and rate¾yet, with the supplied Grafico utility software, each instrument has the capability to download to a PC all results and a full wavelength range scan (the requisite serial lead is also included). Grafico also includes a full tutorial on the technique of UV/Visible Spectrophotometry. A combination of Novaspec III and the three experimental protocols for students described in the user manual provides an excellent package for technical staff.

The instrument is extremely easy to use; just select wavelength, set reference, and measure sample. In rate mode, a kinetics assay can be followed at two wavelengths simultaneously; for the first time on this level of product, the student can follow in real time both the increase in absorbance as product is formed with the concomitant decrease as reactant is used up.

The cell holder supplied with Novaspec III accepts standard 10 mm pathlength glass or plastic cells (adapters are available to convert it to accept 10, 12, and 16 mm diameter test tubes). The cell holder can be removed for cleaning, or flushed through with water in situ.


  • Large display with easy-to-read characters.
  • Absorbance, % Transmission, Concentration, Factor and Rate.
  • Self-test on startup.
  • Removable cell/test tube holder for easy cleaning.
  • Analogue output for connection to chart recorder.
  • Grafico PC utility software, including tutorial.

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