Detailed Measurement of Complex Layer Systems

In the infrared spectral range, spectroscopic ellipsometry is applied to gain information of vibrational and electrical properties of layers and materials.

The SENDIRA infrared ellipsometer covers the infrared spectral range from 1.7 µm up to 25 µm (6,000 cm-1 to 400 cm-1) with FTIR precision and high resolution. The SENDIRA provides detailed chemical, mechanical, electrical, and optical information on complex layer systems. With the SENDIRA, investigation of new layer materials like organic conductors, OLEDs, and polymers in the spectral range of vibrational spectroscopy offers outstanding results.

The SENDIRA is an excellent research tool that can be used effectively in quality control as well. Substrates up to 200 mm diameter can be investigated and scanned.

The external beam of an FTIR is used as radiation source and therefore, offering maximum flexibility, the spectrometer can still be used as a stand-alone tool. The measurement spot on the sample can be adjusted by means of a field aperture.

The SENDIRA comprises the purged infrared optics including retarder, motorized goniometer, sample stage, PC, control electronics and SENTECH SpectraRay/3 software for data acquisition, library based modeling, simulation, and spectral fitting.


Main applications of the SENDIRA infrared ellipsometers include:

  • Thickness and refractive index of films and layer stacks
  • Optical properties of materials in the MIR spectral range
  • Carrier concentration and carrier mobility
  • Analysis of chemical composition
  • Investigation of anisotropic organic films

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