BioLyser Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope SNOM from Triple-O

This innovative three-in-one modular microscope combines all the features of a Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope (SNOM), with an AFM and a conventional inverted optical microscope.

Clearly, you get the results you seek

BioLyser represents Triple-O's unique cutting-edge technology with unprecedented ease-of-use, to give you the fastest, most readily obtained, highest quality images.

Samples viewed in a different light

The BioLyser SNOM overcomes the diffraction limit of conventional optical microscopes. As a result, light images can be obtained from samples with <100 nm resolution. It is even possible to carry out fluorescence, polarization, and spectroscopic studies at this scale! When the tiny fiber probe is brought close to the sample, the transmitted light is detected, producing a high resolution optical image. The sample may be scanned orthogonally to the probe or at a shallow angle, yielding results similar to the intermittent contact mode in an AFM.

Modularity means versatility and more

The large Z range of the scanner allows rough samples or large vertical scales to be easily measured. A liquid cell is also available. To obtain high resolution topographic images of the same area, the AFM head can be quickly switched into place. BioLyser's complete modular design offers a variety of options to allow laser wavelengths, filters and detector systems to be rapidly replaced, giving the fullest flexibility.

Nothing hard about the software

Triple-O's developers have based BioLyser on the best. The software runs on highly dependable and familiar Windows NT.

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