Nanosight NS500 Nanoparticle Characterization System

The NS500 uses Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to detect and visualize populations of nanoparticles in liquids from 10-1000nm, dependent on material, and measures the size of each particle from direct observations of diffusion. Additionally, NTA measures concentration and a fluorescence mode will differentiate suitably-labelled particles within complex background suspensions. Zeta potential measurements are similarly particle-specific.  It is this particle-by-particle methodology that takes NTA beyond traditional light scattering and other ensemble techniques in providing high-resolution particle size distributions and validates data with information-rich video files of the particles moving

The goal of the NS500 is to provide an easy-to-use, reproducible platform applicable for specific and general nanoparticle characterisation use. So whether the application is to control size in nanoparticle development, provide rapid virus titer or measure the kinetics of protein aggregation, the NS500 system is the solution.

The NS500 has fluorescence capability, enabling the user to tune into individual particles, with sensitivity to detect individual quantum dots whilst eliminating background interference of other particles and media. Standard beads may be used to bind to single particles for optimum study.

The fluid handling capability of NS500 provides the user with auto sample presentation and in-situ cleaning. It is now a routine process to clean the cell with the ability to purge, flush and load samples through user-customisable software. Dilution may also be optimised then controlled in this way. Ease of use is further enhanced with a motorised focus function to readily home in on the particles under study. In direct response to user feedback this is augmented with an indexed motorised stage, controlled through the software and providing excellent repeatability in positioning. The temperature control of the cell offers a broad range (15C to 55C) and programmable temperature cycling, with rapid attainment of set-point facilitating faster sample measurement and turnaround.

With the NS500 ZetaSight upgrade the zeta potential of individual particles in aqueous suspension can be determined. This provides a detailed view of the particle distribution in terms of electrical potential and related stability.

NanoSight was acquired by Malvern Panalytical in 2013.

Customer Testimonial

I have been working with Nanosight systems for a good number of years now but I still remember my first look at their capabilities. It struck me then that NTA provides the answer to many of the challenges associated with industrial requirements for nanoparticle characterization. My view hasn’t changed, over more than a decade of use and I now see more and more customers sharing it.

Mr Bernt, Director, Particle Characterization Laboratories Inc.

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