Morphologi G3 Particle Size and Particle Shape Analyzer

Are you looking for:

  • A fully automated and flexible solution from sample dispersion through to data analysis?
  • A more detailed knowledge of your particles and how they behave during processing?
  • A better understanding of your particulate materials from development through to production?
  • Statistically significant high quality particle size and shape information in one measurement with minimal user intervention?
  • A new tool for Quality by Design and PAT?
  • Saving time and labour automating your microscopy work?
  • A tool to validate other particle sizing techniques?

The new Morphologi G3 automated particle characterization system is a new analytical tool that can provide the answers you are looking for. The system combines the high quality images with statistically significant particle shape and particle size measurements.

A novel fully integrated dry powder dispersion system reduces sample preparation times and significantly improves the repeatability of measurements.

Powerful and intuitive data analysis tools ensure that you get the most out of your measurement data.

  • Particle size measurement: using different magnifications to ensure high resolution throughout the full particle size range (0.5µm - 3000µm) the Morphologi G3 accurately calculates particle size measurements using the circle equivalent diameter parameter.
  • Particle shape measurement: a range of particle shape parameters such as elongation, circularity and convexity are calculated. These parameters allow subtle differences between samples that would be otherwise invisible to particle size-only techniques, to be identified and quantified .
  • Particle count and foreign particle detection: the fact that each and every particle in the sample can be individually measured and recorded enables the image analysis system to count certain types of particles - for example for the purposes of foreign particle detection.

The Morphologi G3 at a glance:

  • Fully integrated dry powder disperser: A novel fully integrated dry powder dispersion system reduces sample preparation times and significantly improves the repeatability of measurements
  • Statistical significance: analyze 100's of thousands of particles with a single click of the mouse!
  • No more user bias: the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) approach allows all instrument variables (focus, light intensity, magnification etc) to be objectively recorded and controlled. Methods developed on one instrument can then be transferred electronically around the globe in a single file.
  • Save high quality images: the ability to see and record an image of every individual particle enables a visual verification of phenomena such as the presence of broken particles, agglomerates, fines, foreign particles etc.
  • Accurate, repeatable and 'validatable': to ensure data integrity the image analysis system automatically calibrates before and after every particle analysis using a multi-pitch grating traceable to NPL (the National Physical Laboratory). The image analyzer conforms to 21CFR part 11 requirements and full IQ/OQ (Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification) documentation is available.

Customer Testimonial

We have often supplemented laser diffraction particle size distribution data and other techniques which assume equivalent spherical diameters, for example, with microscopic examination and the acquisition of representative images of the particles, he said. Increasingly now our clients want to know even more about their materials, to be able to elucidate process differences perhaps, or for finer discrimination between two samples.

Not only has the Morphologi G3 allowed us to move away from manual imaging methods, we can now process large numbers of images in many different ways and examine a wide variety of parameters to provide more detailed information and the extra insight required. And, it has quickly become our instrument of choice for characterizing elongated and non-spherical particles where applications allow.

We have been impressed with the capabilities of the automated dispersion system, said Mr Kopesky. Also the wide particle size range that can be measured using multiple objectives means that we do not need to prepare multiple samples. This combination of speed, automation and walkaway capability helps us maximize throughput and make best use of operator time.

Bill Kopesky, VP of Analytical Services, Particle Technology Labs

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