Park Systems NX-3DM Automated AFM System

Park Systems has launched the innovative Park 3DM Series, the fully automated AFM system built for high-resolution sidewall imaging, overhang profiles and critical angle measurements. With the patented decoupled XY and Z scanning system with tilted Z-scanner, it overcomes the challenges of the normal and flare tip methods in accurate sidewall analysis. In utilizing Park Systems True Non-Contact Mode™, the Park 3DM Series enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surfaces with high aspect ratio tips.

A Fully Automated Industrial AFM Using NX Technology

  • Clean room compatible and fully automated for measurement and data analysis at the nanoscale level
  • True Non-contact™ mode allows for the collection of high resolution and accurate data without tip-sample damage, something that could otherwise cost you valuable time and money
  • NX technology automatically constructs a very accurate topographical image and gathers crucial dimensional data
  • The Industry leading, low noise Z-detector works on an autonomous, closed loop to reduce errors in topography (the “creep effect”)
Automated AFM system with tilting z-scanner, Park NX-3DM's operation video

Innovative Head Design for Undercut and Overhang Structures

  • Z-head’s distinctive sideways orientation allows access to the undercut and overhang structures of photoresist and other industrial material
  • Patented decoupled XY and Z scanning systems function together with the tilted Z-scanner, allowing users to overcome common challenges in accurate sidewall analysis linked with normal and flare tip techniques
  • Sidewall trench line profile, critical angle, roughness and critical dimension can all be measured using the NX-3DM
  • Z-head tilting mechanism allows access to the sidewalls using an ultra-sharp tip to acquire the same high resolution and definition as is gained over the rest of the material

A Reliable, Seamless Measurement Tool for 3D Materials

  • No sample preparation (eg. mounting, cutting or coating) is needed to attain the sidewall roughness or critical dimension measurements in this process
  • By using Z-head tilting and True Non-contact™ mode, the NX-3DM allows for both tip-preserving and high resolution gathering of sidewall data


Undercut and Overhang Profiling

The NX-3DM allows unique access to the overhang and undercut structures of photoresist and other industrial materials, guaranteeing users receive accurate topographical data across the entire sample.

Images taken at three different tilting angles can be stitched to combined together automatically to form a complete 3D image

Images taken at three different tilting angles can be stitched to combined together automatically to form a complete 3D image

Critical Dimension Measurement

The True Non-Contact Mode enables instrument and subject-preserving CD measurement without compromising image fidelity.

Photoresist dense lines pattern is imaged with 3D AFM, the profile matches with SEM image very well.

Photoresist dense lines pattern is imaged with 3D AFM, the profile matches with SEM image very well.


Sidewall Roughness Measurement

The NX-3DM’s novel head tilting design allows access to the sidewalls using an ultra sharp tip to achieve high resolution, clear details of the area and its roughness. The innovative head tilting design permits access to the sidewalls using ultra sharp tip to acquire high resolution and (more defined) details of the side wall roughness.

3D AFM image provide high resolution profiles for bottom, sidewall and top of the photoresist line, which can be used for LER/sidewall roughness analysis of the structure

3D AFM image provide high resolution profiles for bottom, sidewall and top of the photoresist line, which can be used for LER/sidewall roughness analysis of the structure

Park 3DM Features

Innovative Z-Scan System

The numerous unique features of the NX-3DM are made possible by autonomously tilting the Z-scanner in its patented Crosstalk Eliminated platform, where XY and Z scanners are fully decoupled. This design allows users to access the vertical sidewalls as well as theundercut structures at a range of angles. In contrast with systems with flared tips, here high aspect ratio and high resolution probes can be used.


Flexure-Guided XY Scanner with Closed-loop Dual Servo System

The 100 µm x 100 µm XY scanner comprises of a symmetrical 2D flexure stage and high-force piezoelectric stacks that offer highly orthogonal movement with minimum out-of-plane motion, as well as the high responsiveness necessary for precise sample scanning at the nanometer scale. Two symmetric, low-noise sensors are present on each axis of the XY scanner to retain a high level of orthogonality in the context of large scanning ranges and sample sizes. The secondary sensor corrects and compensates for non-planar and non-linear positional errors which might happen using a single sensor alone.

Automatic Measurement Control for Increased Efficiency

The NX-3DM is provided with automated software that makes operation seamless. Just choose the preferred measurement program to obtain precise multi-site analysis and auto-optimized settings for scan rate, cantilever tuning, gain and set-point parameters. Park's user-friendly software interface offers users the flexibility to produce customized operation routines so that they can make the most of the NX-3DM with the slightest amount of effort. Creating new routines is simple. On average it takes only 10 minutes to create a new routine and less than five to alter an existing one.


Industry Leading Low Noise Z Detector

Park Systems’ AFMs are provided with highly effective low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of 0.2 Å over large bandwidth. This creates highly accurate sample topography, no need for calibration and no edge overshoot. Just one of the numerous ways the Park NX-3DM saves time and offers better data.

Accurate Sample Topography Measured by Low Noise Z Detector


No Artifact by AFM Scanner in Low Noise Closed-Loop Topography


  • Needs calibration, performed only once at the factory
  • Uses low noise Z detector signal for topography
  • Has no edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  • Has low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth

Industry’s Lowest Noise Floor

To detect the smallest sample features, and image the flattest surfaces, Park has engineered the industry’s lowest noise floor specification of < 0.5 Å. The noise floor data is established using a “zero scan.” The system noise is measured with the cantilever in contact with the sample surface at a single point under the following conditions:

  • 0.5 gain in contact mode
  • 0 nm x 0 nm scan, staying at one point
  • 256 x 256 pixels


Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility

As a result of the ever-decreasing size of components, manufacturers now require the maximum level of quality control. Park AFM can offer 1 gauge sigma of less than 1 Å.


Tool-to-Tool Correlation

Due to Park's innovative AFM platform designed for industrial metrology, Park NX-3DM will correlate with any current Park AFMs that have been formerly used for inspection, manufacturing, analysis or research.



A Revolutionary All-in-One System for 3D Metrology

Automatic Tip Exchange (ATX)

The ATX automatically locates tips by pattern recognition and uses a novel magnetic method to disengage a used tip and pick up a new tip, with an amazing 99.9% success rate. The laser spot is then automatically optimized along the X- and Y-axis by motorized positioning knobs.

Automatic Tip Exchange (ATX) - Park NX-3DM

Automatic Wafer Handler (EFEM or FOUP)

The NX-3DM can be configured for a range of automatic wafer handlers, such as FOUP and EFEM. The high-precision, robotic handling arm guarantees users get rapid and reliable wafer measurements every time.


Ionization System for a More Stable Scanning

Park Systems’ innovative ionization system rapidly and effectively eliminates electrostatic charges in the sample’s environment. Since the system always produces and maintains the suitable balance of positive and negative ions, it can develop a very stably charged environment with negligible contamination from the surrounding area and reduce the risk of accidental electrostatic charge during sample handling.



Park NX-3DM Specifications

System Specification
Motorized XY stage 200 mm: travels up to 275 mm × 200 mm, 0.5 µm resolution
300 mm: travels up to 400 mm × 300 mm, 0.5 µm resolution, < 1 µm repeatability
Motorized Focus Stage 9 mm Z travel distance for on-axis optics
Motorized Angle Range -19 degrees and +19 degrees
-38 degrees and +38 degrees
< 0.5 degree angle repeatability
Motorized Z Stage 27 mm Z travel distance
0.08 µm resolution
< 1 µm repeatability
Z Scanner Z Scanner Range: 15 µm (large mode) 2 µm (small mode)
Z Scanner Resolution: 0.016 nm (large mode) 0.002 nm (small mode)
Z Scanner Noise Floor: < 0.05 nm
Z Scanner Detector Noise: 0.02 nm @ 1 kHz
COGNEX Pattern Recognition pattern align resolution of 1/4 pixel
Scanner Performances
XY Scanner Single-module flexure XY scanner with closed-loop control
100 µm × 100 µm (Large mode)
50 µm × 50 µm (Medium mode)
10 µm × 10 µm (Small mode)
XY Scanner Resolution 0.28 nm (Large mode)
0.03 nm (Small mode)
Facility Requirements
Room Temperature (Stand By) 10 °C ~ 40 °C
Room Temperature (Operating) 18 °C ~ 24 °C
Humidity 30% to 60% (not condensing)
Floor Vibration Level VC-E (3 µm/sec)
Acoustic Noise Below 65 dB
Pneumatics Vacuum : -80 kPa
CDA (or N2): 0.7 MPa
Power Supply Rating 208V - 240 V, single phase, 15 A (max)
Total Power Consumption 2 KW (typical)
Ground Resistance Below 100 ohms
Dimensions & Weight
200 mm System 1500 mm(w) × 980 mm(d) x 2050 mm(h)
w/o EFEM, 1020 kg approx. (incl. Control Cabinet)

2465 mm(w) × 1000 mm(d) x 2050 mm(h)
w/ EFEM, 1230 kg approx. (incl. Control Cabinet)
Ceiling Height 2500 mm or more
Operator Working Space 3300 mm (w) x 2300 mm (d), Minimum
300 mm System 1840 mm(w) × 1170 mm(d) x 2050 mm(h)
w/o EFEM, 1320 kg approx. (incl. Control Cabinet)

3260 mm(w) × 1350 mm(d) x 2050 mm(h)
w/ EFEM, 2120 kg approx. (incl. Control Cabinet)
Ceiling Height 2500 mm or more
Operator Working Space 4540 mm (w) x 2850 mm (d), Minimum

Park NX-3DM 300mm installation layout

Park NX-3DM 300mm installation layout

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