Asylum Research MFP-3D-BIO Atomic Force Microscope System

The MFP-3D-BIO provides the highest sensitivity and most accurate images and measurements possible on an inverted optical platform. The NPS™ closed loop nanopositioning sensors on all three axes ensure distortion-free images on samples as small as proteins and as large as cells - in both air and liquid. The MFP-3D measures the cantilever deflection to better than 20pm (8pm typical) without artifacts, making the MFP-3D ideal for force measurements such as unfolding single molecules or probing cell mechanics.

The MFP-3D-BIO sets the industry standard for combining optical and atomic force microscopies in a single integrated tool specifically designed for biologists. Our team of biologists and optical engineers have optimized the MFP-3D for use with the leading inverted optical microscopes to ensure that you get the maximum benefit and productivity from the combination of these powerful techniques. High numerical aperture, water immersion, and TIRF objectives are all accommodated. No other AFM can match the MFP-3D's performance for optical integration, high resolution imaging, quantitative force measurements, and environmental controls. All of the following optical microscopy techniques are supported:

  • Brightfield
  • Phase Contrast
  • Epifluorescence
  • Confocal Laser Scanning
  • TIRF
  • FRET
  • FCS
  • FRAP
  • Ion Indicators (e.g. Ca2+ response)

And the MFP-3D's exclusive X-Y scanned-sample design is essential and enabling for:

  • Apertureless Near-field Microscopy (ANSOM)
  • Raman and Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  • Tip-enhanced Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)

Asylum has made our full capability system easy to learn and use for novices while providing advanced functionality for the most experienced users. Don't compromise your research by choosing an "easy to use" system with limited capabilities. Choose the MFP-3D-BIO for both full capability and ease of use.

User Testimonials

I am so pleased that I decided to purchase the MFP-3D-BIO AFM and am also quite happy with how great it has been to work with you folks at Asylum. There is huge excitement here and I do feel that it has allowed our work to be taken to a completely different level – and to enable us to make some pretty profound observations that may prove relevant for cancer diagnosis/prognosis and perhaps even therapy. The whole mechano field is just blowing wide open, not just in cancer but in an array of fields. We have created so much interest in using this approach in biology that there are loads of folks who want to collaborate, both inside and outside UCSF.

Valerie M. Weaver, Director and Professor, Center for Bioengineering and Tissue Regeneration , University of California at San Francisco

The MFP-3D-BIO system is absolutely fantastic and everything we've tried so far has worked beautifully!

Rebecca Wilusz, Duke University

Asylum might like to know that my purchase of your very first MFP instrument all those years ago has lead to me being awarded the 2010 Biophysical Society U.S. Genomics Award for Outstanding Investigator in the Field of Single Molecule Biology – the MFP is still my only AFM and is still turning out great data!

Jane Clark, Cambridge University

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