Keysight 5600LS Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Regardless of sample size, the Keysight 5600LS large-stage AFM is ready to deliver high-resolution results. This versatile instrument from Keysight Technologies is the world’s only commercially available AFM that allows imaging of both large samples (in air) and small samples (in air, or in liquid under temperature control) with a 9µm x 9µm AFM or STM scanner.

The 5600LS utilizes a fully addressable 200mm x 200mm stage and a new, low-noise design. Its programmable, motorized stage enables fast, accurate probe positioning for imaging and mapping large and small specimens. Investigators can precisely locate and identify an area of interest and, with the coordinates stored, automatically reposition the sample quickly and accurately for further study. Samples up to 8” in diameter and 30mm tall are easily accepted by the vacuum chuck. The stage accommodates a 300mm wafer with repositioning.

The 5600LS supports Keysight open-loop and closed-loop scanners as well as Keysight STM scanners for atomic resolution. To provide optimized scanning for a diverse set of applications, open-loop and closed-loop multipurpose scanners are available in two scan ranges. A special stage adapter permits use with a sample plate that facilitates imaging of small samples in liquid. Additionally, Keysight’s scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode is the only mode in the market that allows highly sensitive calibrated capacitance & dopant density measurements.

Key features:

  • Fully addressable and programmable 200mm x 200mm stage
  • Atomic-resolution imaging of a small sample area using AFM or STM scanners
  • Allows simple point-and-shoot AFM imaging based on optical view
  • Low-noise AFM design guarantees single atomic steps
  • Motorized optical focus provides excellent ease of use
  • Accurate location mapping (0.5µm precision) ensures reproducibility

Performance capabilities:

  • Nanotechnology applications include semiconductor, materials science, and life science
  • Supports all imaging modes
  • SMM option for highly sensitive calibrated electrical and spatial characterization
  • Patented MAC Mode option enables unparalleled in-fluid and soft-sample imaging
  • MAC Mode III option offers three lock-in amplifiers, use of higher harmonics
  • Heating options provide high-precision temperature control

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