Oxford Instruments X-Max Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

The new X-Max Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) offers users over TEN times the solid angle of conventional EDS detectors... without compromising on performance. Now you can have count rate, imaging, and analytical performance all at the same time.

X-Max comes in 3 different active area sizes: 20mm2, 50mm2, and a staggering 80mm2. All have identical world-beating analytical performance.


X-Max Large Area SDDs offer the benefits of a silicon drift detector (SDD):

  • LN2-free analysis
  • Speed
  • Increased counts
  • Reduced analysis times

Combined with the benefits of an Oxford Instruments EDS detector:

  • Accuracy
  • Guaranteed specifications
  • The world-renowned INCAEnergy EDS software
  • 35 years of experience backing you up


  • Unique single sensor large area SDD sensors
  • Up to 80mm2 active area
  • Count rates > 500,000 cps
  • Throughput > 200,000 cps
  • MnKa typically 125eV
  • Optimised electron trap
  • Vacuum enclosed sensor to reduce oxygen absorption
  • Only one pulse processing channel required
  • Standard tube diameter (no larger than that of a 10mm2 SDD detector)
  • Motorised slide as standard
  • Pile up correction software for accurate analysis at high count rates

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