Oxford Instruments X-Max TEM Very Large Area Silicon Drift Detector for Transmission Electron Microscopes

The highly successful X-Max 80 detector is now available for use on Transmission Electron Microscopes! This detector has solid angles significantly greater than any commercially available SDD for TEM. X-rays are collected faster due to greater collection efficiency, and the count handling capability of SDD. See the difference immediately when analysing nanoparticles, or collecting linescans or X-ray maps. The X-Max TEM will increase productivity without sacrificing accuracy - all in a liquid nitrogen free environment.


X-Max TEM offers all the advantages of large area SDD detectors

Detector Technology

  • 80mm2 very large area sensor with excellent performance at high count rates offers unparalleled speed of data collection
  • Higher spectral resolution even at high count rates allows for the detection of elements as low as Be
  • Accepts higher count rates without flooding the detector (e.g. crossing grid bars or thick metallurgical samples)
  • Peltier cooling for fast cool down times and safety
  • Automatic retraction behind flap to protect against high electron flux

Large solid angle

  • Decrease in analysis time for point acquisition, linescans and maps
  • Handle higher count rates without the loss of accuracy to achieve better results in shorter count times
  • Analysis of nanoparticles made easier due to increased collection efficiency

Liquid Nitrogen Free

  • Safer working environment with no need to fill detector with LN2
  • Cost efficiency - no LN2 required
  • No need to wait for a 'warm' detector to cool. X-Max is stable for the most precise analysis within a few minutes


  • Unique single sensor large area SDD
  • 80mm2active area
  • Throughput > 200,000 cps
  • MnKa typically 125eV
  • Be detection
  • Vacuum enclosed sensor to reduce oxygen absorption
  • Only one pulse processing channel required
  • Optimised geometry for TEM
  • Motorised slide as standard

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