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Oxford Instrument INCAWave Detector

The INCAWave detector is a fully focussing spectrometer and is renowned for its engineering precision and quality. The internal components of the spectrometer (crystal, detectors and goniometer) have to function in complete harmony and with ultra-high precision so that the correct diffraction conditions are maintained.

The INCAWave control unit contains all the motor drive electronics and high voltage power supplies.This unit is designed specifically to give the high quality, stable output required for accurate quantitative analysis with precise control of motor drives for wavelength position, slit size, slit position, crystal and gate valves.

The combination of the high precision INCAWave spectrometer and the reliable electronics mean that the resolving power of INCAWave system is second to none.

Standard Features

  • Accurate vertical positioning is not critical because, the spectrometer is mounted with the Rowland circle horizontal and inclined, making reproducible results easy to collect for all users.This eliminates the need for an optical microscope for 'setting up', which is required by parralel beam spectrometers.
  • Spectral resolution as low as 2eV making the separation of closely spaced X-ray lines simple
  • Excellent detection limits, which are less than 100ppm for many elements
  • Energy range up to 10.8keV as standard (15keV as an option)
  • Accurate quantitative analysis using the XPP matrix correction algorithm
  • Reliable and robust mechanical design, which has been developed over 25 years
  • Successful installations on a wide range of SEMs, conventional, variable vacuum, environmental, field emission
  • Proven results on many types of samples, including light elements, and high spatial resolution using low beam currents (<5nA)

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