Oxford Instruments EBSD Acquisition Software

Oxford Instruments provides a full range of EBSD acquisition software, where each software offers a powerful combination of flexibility and high performance, designed for all types of EBSD analysis and for easy operation by all levels of users.

HKL CHANNEL5 uses a modular approach to its various functions and software licenses. All software modules interact seamlessly with one another and form a powerful and expressive suite with which to perform microstructural characterization. HKL CHANNEL5 is aimed at materials scientists in academic and industrial research and industrial process control. Geologists will also find it supports their research needs with low symmetry indexing, pseudosymmetry correction and large area mapping with stage control on most SEM’s.

Successful and accurate data acquisition is fundamental to any EBSD analysis. Any acquisition software must be designed not only for accuracy and reliability, but also for versatility.

Therefore the HKL CHANNEL5 Flamenco allows image collection, versatile EBSD analysis (works with both NordlysS and NordlysF+) and phase identification all within a single program.

Phase Identification

The use of EBSD in combination with a chemical analysis technique (such as EDS) to identify a phase is a relatively new application of the technique. Flamenco offers the option of a fully integrated Phase Identification system with a choice of crystallographic databases.

The information for every phase in the databases has, where possible, been generated from atomic position data using full structure factor calculations. This ensures that the phase identification is both accurate and fast. Integration with several commercially available EDS systems is possible, although the system also works well as a stand-alone unit.

Key Specifications

  • Fully integrated into Flamenco
  • Choice of databases covering all applications (e.g. ICSD, NIST Structural Database, American Mineralogist Crystal Structures Database)
  • Reflector files for each phase pre-calculated by HKL to ensure speed
  • Quick input of elemental data using periodic table display
  • Highly optimised for rapid searching by composition (including ranges), name or space group: e.g. 20,000 phases searched in <0.1s
  • Ranked list of phase identification solutions
  • Auto-report generator
  • Integration with EDS

Imaging system

Flamenco offers a fully integrated imaging system that takes full control of the SEM beam scanning. Any type of SEM image can be incorporated, and the captured images allow easy definition of EBSD sampling locations (e.g. individual points or automated scans).

Key Specifications

  • Fully integrated into Flamenco
  • Many SEM image types supported (SE, BSE, etc..)
  • Line and pixel averaging
  • Complete tilt correction, scan speed and image resolution control
  • Easy definition of EBSD analysis location(s) using images


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