ORION PLUS Helium-Ion Microscope from Carl Zeiss

The world of microscopy just changed. The Carl Zeiss SMT ORION® PLUS Helium-ion-microscope just broke the world record for resolution. The ORION® PLUS microscope now delivers TEM-like resolution, on bulk samples, with SEM-like ease-of-use. This breakthrough in resolution truly puts the ORION® PLUS in a class of its own, providing an opportunity to see things you've never before seen.

These additional features of the ORION® PLUS add to its unequalled value as an imaging and analysis tool:

  • Unique Ion Contrasts that yield information about materials not otherwise available;
  • Incredible Surface Detail with contrast from only the top few atomic layers;
  • High Energy Beam that is gentle on samples; and
  • Charge Neutralization that allows imaging insulators at high magnification.

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