Oxford Instruments NordlysS EBSD Detector

An essential part of any EBSD analysis is the acquisition of high quality diffraction patterns. Sometimes the emphasis is on the speed of data acquisition, whilst at other times the data accuracy is paramount. With this in mind, we have developed a fast and versatile detector, Nordlys, to suit all types of EBSD analyses.

Optimised Detector Design

  • Unique Rectangular Phosphor Screen
  • Tapered Nose


  • Improved Spatial Resolution
  • Improved Angular Resolution
  • Optimized Combined EBSD & EDS Mapping
  • Motorized Insertion and Retraction
  • Unique Forescatter Detector (FSD) System

NordlysS - Specifications

  • Integrates with most types of SEMs
  • Easily retractable when not in use
  • 12-bit digital CCD camera with on-chip integration
  • Pixel clock rate: 20 MHz
  • Camera resolution - 1344 x 1024 pixels - 100% pixels utilized
  • Pixel binning - up to 8x8 Superfast for high speed
  • Speeds up to 106 EBSPs per second
  • Digital enhancement and camera control in the CHANNEL5 acquisition software
  • Minimal geometric distortion
  • Fully motorized insertion and retraction, with remote control
  • Detector positioning to within 0.1mm
  • Automatic safety mechanism, with audible touch alarm and auto-retraction to prevent damage
  • Rectangular phosphor screen, matching shape of CCD chip
  • Tapered nose section - allows positioning closer to sample with less shadowing of other detectors
  • Capture angle can be adjusted from 15°-130° without refocusing, SEM dependent
  • Optional integrated forescatter detector system with built-in electrical feedthrough - can be retrofitted at a later date
  • Up to 6 forescatter diodes possible, giving both orientation and phase contrast
  • The detector can be moved between different SEMs
  • Detector size (outside chamber): 390 mm long, 75 mm diameter

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