NANO Indenter® XP from SURFACE Systems+Technology GmbH

NANO Indenter XP systems provide a fast and reliable way to acquire mechanical data on the submicron scale. Incorporating the latest technologies for nanoindentation testing, NANO Indenter XP systems are complete test systems that feature a robust design to extend system life, the industry’s most powerful software, improved electronics, and a space-saving load frame. Through 23-bit electronics and very high data-sampling rates, NANO Indenter XP systems produce the most accurate data of any instrumented nanoindentation systems on the market. Each recorded data point is an average of 1000 separate measurements.

NANO Indenter XP systems are software-controlled and simple to use. Users need to make only two decisions: where to put the indentations and what experiments to perform at those positions. Simply define the maximum load or depth for the indentation for routine hardness and modulus measurements, and the system will ensure that the tests are consistent, appropriate, and accurate. When applying the patented Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM) technique, the system records stiffness data along with load and displacement data dynamically, allowing hardness and Young’s modulus to be calculated at every data point acquired during the indentation experiment.

NANO Indenter XP systems can also be fitted with an optional system for lateral force measurement. This option measures the frictional force exerted on the diamond tip during a scratch test. It also enables a NANO Indenter XP system to be used as a profilometer to examine the topography of a surface before and after testing.

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