FlexTRAK-WF Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK-WF Plasma System is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers (and other flat substrates) in sizes ranging from 3 in. to 200mm (8 in.) in diameter, for wafers held in open cassettes.

Features and Benefits

Features and bemnefits of the FlexTRAK-WF Plasma System include:

  • Dual cassette load stations to minimize idle time
  • Multi-size capable aligner with minimal hardware change-over required
  • Robust robotic wafer engine
  • Integrated wafer recognition for high reliability wafer handling
  • Compact design minimizes floor space
  • Highly uniform treatment and fast throughput

The patented FlexTRAK plasma chamber design provides exceptional etch uniformity and process repeatability. Primary plasma applications include a variety of etching, ashing, and descum steps. Other plasma processes include contamination removal, surface roughening, increasing wettability, and enhancing bonding and adhesion strength.


Wafer processing prior to typical back-end packaging steps - suitable for wafer-level packaging, flip chip, or traditional packaging.

Wafer Cleaning

  • Remove contamination prior to wafer bumping
  • Remove organic contamination
  • Remove Fluorine and other halogen contamination
  • Remove metal and metal oxides
  • Improve spun-on film adhesion
  • Clean Aluminum bond pads

Wafer Etching

  • Descum wafer of residual photoresist / BCB
  • Pattern dielectric layers for redistribution
  • Strip / Etch photoresist
  • Enhance adhesion of wafer-applied materials
  • Remove excess wafer-applied mold / epoxy
  • Enhance adhesion of gold, solder bumps
  • Destress wafer to reduce breakage
  • Improve spun-on film adhesion
  • Clean Aluminum bond pads

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