LIFE Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for Biological and Medical Applications by NT-MDT

NTEGRA Life by NT-MDT is a NanoLaboratory, integrating Atomic Force Microscope and inverted optical microscope with NA 0.55 condensers. It is used for biological and medical researchers in physiological conditions.

NTEGRA Life consists of the measurement head and positioning stage.
The motorized measurement head contains a XYZ scanner (100x100x20 um) and is a fully automated system. For ease of use the NTEGRA Life provides automatic alignment of the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) optical system. It allows one to operate it without manually adjusting the cantilever.

The motorized stage allows XY sample positioning on an area of 20 x 20 mm with 0.07 micron step size. It has also an optional plug in module for mounting 100 micron XY or Z scanners.
The stage contains additional motorized positioning of the measuring head relative to the sample.

Two different sample holders that are supported include; a universal holder for a Petri dish or microscope slide, or a sample holder for a perfusion liquid cell with inlets for gas and fluid flow.

Due to enhanced construction and sample access the NTEGRA Life supports optical microscopy modes such as: Fluorescence, Bright field, Dark field, DIC and Phase contrast as well as several AFM modes such as: AFM (Contact + Intermittent Contact), Lateral Force Microscopy, Adhesion Force Imaging, Force Modulation, Phase Imaging, nano manipulation, lithography and Force Distance curves.

The sample can also be viewed in Fluorescence mode simultaneously with the nanometer scaled landscape of the surface.

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