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Live Imaging Cell Culture Membranes - CytoVu from Simpore

Cells have never been cultured on membranes as permeable as these...

Features of Simpore CytoVu Live Imaging Cell Culture Membranes:

  • Optical Transparency: allows high quality visualization in brightfield and fluorescence applications
  • Standard format: adapts to both inverted and upright microscopes with no new equipment
  • High permeability rates: enables cross-communication and low dose studies
  • Molecular thinness: creates physiological co-culture environments with physical separation
  • Selectively degradable nanoporous membranes: enables novel tissue engineering platforms and direct contact between co-cultured cells after they reach confluence
  • Scaled-down feature size: reduces use of reagents
  • Medical-grade silicone gaskets: FDA-compliant materials will not leech or outgas
  • Stackable ridges on the outside: saves incubator space

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