Semion Ion Energy and Ion Flux Analysis System by Impedans

The Semionâ„¢ Retarding Field Energy Analyzer System is designed to measure both the Ion Energy and Ion Flux at a biased surface in a plasma chamber.

The Semionâ„¢ System consists of a Retarding Field Energy Analyzer (RFEA) multi-grid Probe, chamber feed-through assembly, electronic control unit and application software.

Impedans employs a range of 3-grid and 4-grid retarding field analyzers to provide industry leading ion energy distribution and ion flux measurements.

The RFEA Probe can be mounted on an electrode/substrate holder, or in a dummy wafer to sample wafer processing conditions.

The Semionâ„¢ System is suitable for installation on a wide range of plasma source configurations; capacitively coupled, inductively coupled, magnetron, pulsed bias, cascaded arc, and remote source.

Semionâ„¢ can be used under the following bias conditions (single-, dual-, and multi-frequency)
  • Grounded
  • DC
  • Floating
  • RF
  • Pulsed/shaped bias
A unique feature of the product is the ability to place the RFEA probe on a driven bias electrode. The RFEA probe floats with the electrode, similar to a wafer or substrate, and can measure the ion flux and ion energy at the substrate surface, without disturbing the process.

The Semionâ„¢ Control Unit provides all of the required grid voltage biases and comes with software to sweep and control the RFEA Probe automatically.

  • Substrate mounted Retarding Field Energy Analyzer Probe
  • In-situ measurement of
  • Ion Energy Distribution
  • Ion Flux
  • Ion Current
  • Electron Flux and Energy
  • Measurement of Ion Energies in up to 2500eV at pressures up to 300mT
  • Time resolved measurement capability up to 500kHz for pulsed systems, with time resolution of 44nS
  • Plasma floating potential measurement adjustent feature
  • Easy to install, no chamber retrofit required
  • Portable system allowing analysis in multiple chambers using single system


The Semionâ„¢ System finds many applications in research and industry:
  • Plasma Research – IEDF, Ion Flux, EEDF, negative ion investigation
  • Semiconductor process and tool R&D – Etch, PECVD, Deposition
  • Materials/Thin Film Coating Process development – DC Magnetron Sputtering, HiPIMS, HPPMS etc.
  • Ion Beam Analysis
  • Solar/Flat Panel process and tool R&D – IEDF and ion flux monitoring
  • Tool Equipment R&D Power supply, chamber development
  • Plasma Manufacturing Process Diagnostics -conditions post PM -Measure Vdc on substrate bias voltage

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