Microwave Plasma System - GIGAfab A by PVA TePla

Microwave Plasma System GIGAfab A200/300

The GIGAfab A is an extremely compact, high-performance, automatic Single Wafer Asher providing very low cost of ownership. It is designed to serve main stream semiconductor resist stripping, esp. hi-dose implanted resist, as well as MEMS-manufacturing and descum applications for wafer sizes up to 300 mm. Unique system characteristics like strong isotropy and high ash rates at moderate substrate temperatures make it a perfect tool for a wide range of wafer cleaning and stripping applications like:

  • Resist removal and descum in wafer bumping
  • Sacrificial layer removal of photoresist, polyimide, PMMA etc.
  • Fast resist ashing after high-dose implant and RIE
  • 300 mm wafer reclaim
  • Removal of SU-8 epoxy resist

The GIGAfab A is equipped with a unique planar microwave plasma source, providing high ash rates over a wide temperature range. In combination with Chemraz-seals, fluorinated process gases can be applied. The modular platform allows to configure the system for 200 or 300 mm wafers using open cassette as well as FOUP or SMIF load stations. The wafer chuck with lift pins for loading is thermoelectrically controlled from RT to 250°C. Additional option is an ATEX-certified Hydrogen generator, acting as a point-of-use gas supply.

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