Ion Wave 10 Gas Plasma System by PVA TePla

The IoN Wave 10 plasma system is our latest advancement in microwave plasma technology. This low cost, mid-sized wafer batch asher is designed with advanced features, targeting the needs of small scale foundries, universities and start-up companies.

The IoN Wave 10 is equipped with new, state of the art components and software to precisely control processing parameters. Its process monitoring and data capturing software allows for the most stringent quality controls available. This technology has been successfully used for power transistors, analog devices, sensors, optical devices, photonics, MEMS/MOEMS, bio devices, etc.

The small footprint of the IoN Wave 10 requires minimal laboratory space and provides for simple installation and maintenance. Using microwave plasma technology, this system produces high photoresist ashing rates with minimal exposure to electro static discharge (ESD).


Key features of the Ion Wave 10 Gas Plasma System include:

  • Small foot print tabletop design
  • A quartz chamber accommodating up to 8” wafers and quartz boats carrying up to25, 6” wafers
  • Industrial computer with Windows® based system
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) software complies with Semi E95-1101
  • User access control for process development, and maintenance programming
  • Remote process monitoring via Ethernet
  • Onboard diagnostic features and alarm logging
  • Recipe editor offers fast and versatile parameter control
  • 10.4” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch panel and keyboard
  • Recipe editor simulator software
  • Online Web based simulation, training and support
  • Plug and play installation

Typical applications

The Ion Wave 10 Gas Plasma System is typically used for:

  • Photo-resist stripping
  • Wafer descum
  • Wafer cleaning prior to wet etching
  • SU-8 removal
  • Etching of passivation layers
  • Device decapsulation for failure analysis
  • Cleaning and surface activation
  • Low temperature ashing of materials for chemical trace analysis
  • Cleaning of filters and membranes

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