Versatile Non-Destructive 3D Optical Profiler - CCI MP from Taylor Hobson

The CCI MP Benchtop 3D Optical Profiler from Taylor Hobson brings high performance optical measurements within the reach of both precision manufacturing and research companies.

The Talysurf CCI MP is an advanced type of measurement interferometer (a non contact 3D Profiler). It uses an innovative, patented correlation algorithm to find the coherence peak and phase position of an interference pattern produced by our precision optical scanning unit.


The Talysurf CCI MP is invaluable for many applications requiring high precision 3D profile analysis. A variety of objectives are available and can be fitted simultaneously to the turret, enabling many types of surface to be measured. A fully automated stage and auto measurement routines add to the high level of flexibility.

All types of surfaces can be measured

Versatility is one key benefit of the Talysurf CCI MP non-contact 3D Profiler. Polished or rough, curved, flat or stepped surfaces with reflectivity between 0.3% and 100% can all be measured using one single algorithm, with no need to change mode for different surfaces and no concerns about the wrong mode being selected.

All material types are measurable including:
glass, liquid inks, photo resist, metal, polymer and pastes

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