Particle Size Analyser LA950 From Horiba Scientific

The Partica LA-950 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is the highest performance particle sizing instrument on the market. It out performs every other particle size analyzer in every facet: measurement range, speed, precision, ease of use, and software features. A range of accessories allow the user to configure the system for maximum flexibility and performance, optimized for each application.

The result is a truly unparalleled particle size analyzer capable of measuring everything from nanoparticles to soils and sediments.


The LA-950 provides a number of state-of-the-art features:

Cutting Edge Optical Design: HORIBA’s revolutionary optical design provides the widest dynamic range (0.01 - 3000 µm), highest signal-to-noise, fastest measurement time, and best nanoparticle performance of any laser diffraction instrument. The LA-950 is the only instrument capable of measuring 30 nanometers and 3 millimeters in the same instant for the same measurement. Only the world's most advanced optical design makes this possible.
Unequalled Accuracy, Precision, and Reproducibility - Guaranteed:
Accuracy guaranteed to within 0.6%
Precision guaranteed to within 0.1%
Stability and reproducibility from unit to unit ensured with rigid optics and detector calibration

Software Features

The LA-950 is driven by powerful software that makes it easy to perform everything from the simplest to the most complex tasks.
For manual measurements a single user-friendly screen provides all of the controls and visual information required to generate quick, precise results. The unique Method Expert can then provide a simple route for automating measurement steps, and also provide a structured approach to the complex task of creating new methods for unknown samples. At every step of the way the Method Expert provides Expert Advice - pro tips and background information - to assist and educate the user in result interpretation.
This is also the only software available that contains both ISO-13320 and USP<429> calculations and automated instrument verification. The user will also find Phi and Sieve scale tables for easy data comparison, R-parameter and Chi-square error calculations, a multi-modal function for reporting two and three peak distributions, Excel-readable measurement export (single file and batch mode), customizable report templates, and the Intensity Graph which displays the raw scattered light signal.

Fastest Sample-to-Sample Measurement Time - Less than 60 Seconds:

Automation built into the hardware and software ensures speed, reproducibility and ease of use. Complete sample analysis sequence is completed in 60 seconds, including automatic fill, automatic alignment, blank, measurement, and automatic rinse cycles. The LA-950 is easy enough to use to make technicians happy and is fast and reliable enough to save money and make managers happy.

Powerful Sample Handlers: The LA-950 was designed with the goal of measuring every possible application. To accomplish this goal several sample handling systems are available to best solve the user's application challenges.

Fastest Sampling System Change: The unique measurement cell system allows up to three sample dispersion systems to be mounted simultaneously on a cell tray. Changing between sampling systems only requires the tray to be moved from one position to another, in as little as ten seconds, without removing or replacing any hardware or requiring any tools.

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