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QuantaMaster 40 UV VIS Spectrofluorometer from Photon Technology

QuantaMaster 40 UV VIS Spectrofluorometer from Photon Technology

Each of PTI's diverse fluorometer systems is designed with particular user needs in mind. The QuantaMaster™ 40 UV VIS spectrofluorometer is PTI's basic bench-top fluorometer, and is designed for the user who wants:


Sensitivity in a fluorometer determines the ultimate detection limit. Sensitivity defines: how small a quantity can be detected, how long the measurement will take and how accurate the measurement will be. The ability to measure minute amounts of a substance can also save money, particularly in situations where expensive reagents or precious biological materials are used.


Less power in, more power out, more efficient use of energy, and a sealed housing with no ozone pollution, makes the PTI QuantaMaster™ the first and only Eco-friendly spectrofluorometer system.

Attomolar detection limit

The proof for sensitivity is in the measurement, PTI's QuantaMaster™ 40 spectrofluorometer system is the only one that can measure 460 attomolar.

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