Nanofiber Fabrication System - Elmarco Nanospider™ Production Line NS 1S500U

The NS Production Line NS 1S500U from Elmarco is the smallest nanofiber production equipment that delivers sufficient output for small volume manufacturing. This standalone designed machine combines industrial production technology with features of high-end laboratory tool.

The Production Line NS 1S500U is equipped with peristaltic pump for continuous feeding, enabling full time shift operation. Together with integrated unidirectional substrate unwind / rewind, NS 1S500U provides a platform for efficient small volume manufacturing. Researchers benefit also from capability of processing high viscosity polymer solutions.

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Key Features

  • Continuous feed or batch operating mode
  • 500 mm effective width of nanofiber layer
  • Integrated unidirectional substrate unwind / rewind
  • Max. diameter of substrate roll: 400 mm
  • Process data tracking and its additional PC analysis

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