Amod Thin Film Deposition System from Angstrom Engineering

The Amod line of thin film deposition tools was designed to meet the advanced process requirements of today’s thin film researcher.

Not too big or too small. It's just right. This fully customizable physical vapor deposition (PVD) platform can be created as a standalone thin-film workhorse, or be combined as part of a multi-system configuration. Aeres, our advanced process control software integrates every variable and control into a single, seamless user interface. This makes thin film fabrication — even complicated multi-layer devices — easy.


  • Aeres: Advanced process control software
  • Aluminum or stainless steel chamber options
  • Designed to meet your process requirements
  • Available in high vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) base pressures
  • Support for multiple PVD processes, including magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, and ion beam processing
  • Can accommodate up to 10 sources
  • Glove box integration available
  • Degrees of automation possible with available load lock, transfer arms, and mask handling
  • 1600 mm x 1000 mm system footprint
  • Standard 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm chamber with sliding and hinged door options
  • International input voltages available
  • Sequential or co-deposition
  • Standard fixturing supports up to 300 mm diameter please contact us for assistance with larger substrate sizes
  • Installation and comprehensive training available with every system
  • Our detailed training manual teaches new users how to operate and maintain the equipment
  • A comprehensive safety alert and interlock systems helps protect user as well as the equipment
  • 2-Year warranty with responsive and caring customer service

Available Substrate Fixturing Enhancements

  • Substrate holder heating and cooling
  • Variable angle substrate
  • Roll to Roll coating
  • Dual shutter masking for gradient and multiple sample runs
  • Planetary and Dome fixtures
  • Substrate Biasing

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