7500 Inverted Light Microscope from Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies has introduced the 7500 inverted light microscope (ILM) system which integrates the direct optical viewing capability of an inverted optical microscope with the power of a high-resolution atomic force microscope (AFM).

The 7500 ILM provides excellent performance, facilitates easy imaging in fluids and extends AFM utility to cover studies of single polymers, molecules, whole cells and cell membranes. Using the Keysight ILM, optical, fluorescence and atomic force microscopy data can be gathered simultaneously.

In addition, the rugged stage structure of the 7500 ILM provides the low noise floor required to achieve sub-nanometer resolution. The sophisticated design also enables the AFM to be placed on top of an inverted microscope and under the illumination pillar, thus resulting in improved optical contrast for the images.

Keysight’s flexible sample handling plate and QuickSlide sample-loading mechanism allows sample preparation to be both easy and simple. The AFM is placed on the QuickSlide assembly, so that users can easily change samples and solutions without affecting the alignment of the optical microscope or the AFM.

Key Features

The main features of the 7500 ILM include:

  • Top-down scanner design allows easy setup
  • High-resolution AFM on an inverted optical microscope enables AFM and fluorescence imaging simultaneously
  • Open-top viewing access, inverted optical view and top illumination provide excellent optical contrast
  • Patented MAC Mode option offers nondestructive AFM imaging of samples in fluid
  • Rigid stage mounting offers low noise floor for sub-nanometer resolution
  • PicoTREC option delivers real-time, concurrent topography and recognition imaging
  • Easy Quick Slide sample-loading mechanism makes sample preparation easy
  • Sample-handling plates allow easy imaging in ambient air or fluids
  • Wide range of options and accessories available

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