Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter Nanomechanical Test Instrument

Hysitron’s TI 950 TriboIndenter is the next generation nanomechanical test instrument providing industry leading sensitivity and unprecedented performance.

The TI 950 has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support the numerous nanomechanical characterization techniques developed by Hysitron.

The system incorporates the newly developed performech™ advanced control module, which greatly improves the precision of feedback-controlled nanomechanical testing, provides dual head testing capability for nano–micro scale connectivity, and offers unprecedented noise-floor performance.

The numerous nanomechanical testing techniques currently offered, as well as new testing methods currently being developed, make the TI 950 system an exceptionally versatile and effective nanomechanical characterization tool for the broadest range of applications.

The TI 950 combines Hysitron’s exclusive three plate capacitive transducer technology with state-of-the-art control technology to achieve unmatched performance in nanomechanical characterization.

The system features a sub 30 nN force noise floor, ultra-fast feedback control, user-definable data acquisition rates up to 30 kHz, the widest range of nanomechanical testing techniques, and the ability to test with various Hysitron heads seamlessly.

The superior staging system on the TI 950, along with the in-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) imaging capability, provides unparalleled precision in test-placement accuracy and data repeatability.


  • Patented capacitive transducer technology provides unprecedented measurement sensitivity (<30nN, <0.2nm), accuracy, and reliability during the nanoindentation process
  • Ultra-sensitive force and displacement noise floors (<2nN, <0.02nm) when equipped with xProbe transducer technology
  • Supports full suite of current and future Hysitron testing techniques, making the TI 950 the most versatile nanomechanical testing system in the market
  • In-situ SPM imaging for precise test positioning accuracy and rapid observation of post-test deformation behavior
  • High speed feedback control algorithms enabled by the performech Advanced Control Module provides superior control over the testing and data acquisition process
  • Seamless dual-head testing capability for true nano to micro scale connectivity
  • Automated sample staging and testing routines provide fast sample throughput
  • Custom engineered enclosure and active anti-vibration system delivers exceptional environmental stability for reliable nanoscale characterization
  • Two dimensional capacitive transducer technology enables ultra-thin film tribological and interfacial adhesion characterization
  • Hysitron’s most powerful and versatile nanomechanical test instrument, enabling quantitative characterization of materials ranging from soft polymers to synthetic diamond thin films

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