DME ProberStation 150 - Large Sample SPM Stage for up to 300mm

With the DS 95 SPM scanner series, DME provides the ultimate unification of ease of use and performance. A decade's lasting experience in the field of SPM application and manufacturing are united in the DS 95 SPM scanners to help the user achieve the best and most reliable results in the shortest possible period of time.

  • The compact design of the DS 95 SPM scanner guarantees outstanding stability and scan rates.
  • The unique plug and play cantilever exchange secures fast and safe operation of the instrument.
  • An integrated optical axis in the SPM scanner provides total visual control during approach and positioning.
  • The DS 95 SPM scanner provides the facilities for all common and advanced SPM modes.
  • Integrated electronics in the scan head guarantees lowest noise values in electrical SPM modes.
  • DS 95 multi mount allows installation of the DS 95 SPM scanner into DME stages and other facilities like nanoindenters, optical microscopes, etc.

The DME ProberStation 150™ is the ultimate stage for SPM on large samples. Its long range XY translators allow the investigation of 150 mm samples at all positions and up to 300 mm on specific sample areas.

The fully programmable sample positioning enables autonomous SPM measurements on multiple sample positions with automatic image analysis and automatic report generation.The combination with high end optics enable an automated preselection of sample sites for SPM investigation.

Thereby the ProberStation 150™ setup is the optimal solution for industry quality maintenance application and R&D environments. The unlimited space for custom or OEM intergration of additional analytic equipment opens up new horizons for research applications.

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