ADwin-Gold-II 16 Channel Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System


Scientists and engineers worldwide use ADwin systems for real-time applications where deterministic timing is needed. ADwin programmable data acquisition and control systems enable a number of application types to run with accurate real-time performance. This makes ADwin a universal platform, which is suitable for a number of applications, functions and industries.

Real-Time Functions

The real-time functions of the data acquisition and control system are:

  • Online analysis of measurement data
  • Intelligent data acquisition
  • Complex trigger applications
  • Closed-loop control functions
  • Open-loop control functions
  • Signal/Waveform generation

Application Fields

The application fields where this system can be used are:

  • Production and R&D test stands
  • Production line automation systems
  • Laboratory and mobile systems
  • Fast machine control applications
  • Material endurance tests
  • Quality assurance tests

Typical Industries

  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Semiconductor and component testing
  • Machine builders
  • Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Nano-Science
  • Laser and Electron Beam Industries

ADwin provides over sixteen years of experience in automation and deterministic Real-Time applications. With software solutions since 1987 and with ADwin hardware systems since 1992, a large number of users and applications globally rely on those precise and robust systems.

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