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AutoPore IV Series Mercury Porosimeters

The AutoPore IV 9500 Series available from Micromeritics helps in differentiating the porosity of materials by applying various pressure levels to a specimen submerged in mercury. The pressure needed to introduce the mercury within the pores of the specimen is relative to the pores’ size. This phenomenon is termed as mercury intrusion or mercury porosimetry.

The AutoPore IV Series Mercury Porosimeters are available with improved data reduction and reporting packages and offers high-quality analysis data, flexible and controllable vacuum system, faster pressure ramp rates, and a redesign of low-and high-pressure generation systems.

The instruments are capable of measuring a wider pore size distribution ranging from 0.003 to 360 µm. They are integrated with features that allow them to collect the information required to differentiate the materials’ porous structure. New data reduction and reporting options offer more information about the fluid transport characteristics and pore geometry of the material. In addition to providing speed, precision, and a broad measurement range, mercury porosimetry allows users to measure a variety of sample properties, such as total pore volume, pore size distributions, total pore surface area, sample densities, and median pore diameter.

Key Features

The product features of the AutoPore IV Series Mercury Porosimeters are:

  • Quick-scan mode allows a constant pressure increase, approximating equilibrium and offering more rapid screening.
  • Controlled pressure increases in increments down to 0.05 psia from 0.2 to 50 psia
  • High-resolution measurement of intrusion/extrusion volumes creates excellent accuracy
  • Various pore volume, pore size, and pore area plots are available
  • Choice of pressure ramping techniques
  • Choice of correction routine for baseline creates better precision
  • Choice of three data plot routines
  • Enables users to program data collection utilizing minimum number of data points

Advantages of the AutoPore IV 9500 Series:

  • Comes with two low and one high-pressure ports or four low and two high-pressure ports to enable improved sample throughput
  • Determines pore diameters ranging from 0.003 to ~1000 µm
  • Comes in 33,000 psi or 60,000 psi models
  • High-pressure, low noise generating system
  • Functions in scanning and time equilibrated modes
  • Improved data reduction package comprises Mayer-Stowe particle size, fractal dimension, pore-throat ratio, compressibility, tortuosity, and permeability, amongst others.
  • Powder fluctuation is eliminated through controlled evacuation
  • Obtains high-resolution data; better than 0.1 µL for mercury extrusion and intrusion volumes

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