Particle Insight Image Analyzer from Particulate System

Particulate System offers an advanced and dynamic image analyzer called Particle Insight. The system is specifically developed for applications where the shape of raw materials is an important aspect. The analyzer provides up to 28 different shape parameters that are studied and reported instantaneously for specimens in organic or aqueous solvent suspensions.

The image analyzer is appropriate for a range of geological, industrial, and biological samples varying between 3 and 300 µm. The recirculating sample module and precision optics in the system are developed to obtain and report applicable measurements immediately, which is a critical quality control capability in numerous production processes. The system also includes an automated fill and rinse feature to enable smooth operation.

Key Features

The product features of the Particle Insight are:

  • Sample handling automation and flexibility
  • Real time results
  • Real-time backup
  • Unprecedented results
  • Data reporting flexibility
  • Rare event detection
  • Statistical assurance
  • Security and regulatory compliance

The analyzer provides 28 size / shape parameters and is capable of correlating a variety of shape measurements. Shape analysis and results are obtained immediately, and images are studied as they are captured. Data mirroring enables concurrent storing of analysis data in numerous locations, thus enabling remote monitoring. In addition, the analyzer has sieve correlation capability to report on shape and sieve data, and provides automatic downloading for single and multiple runs in a worksheet. System thumbnails function obtains separate particle images from captured images that satisfy user-defined shape parameters. Also, Statistical Process Control capability helps in tracking shape alterations over time intervals, and recirculating sample module and precision optics eliminate the need for complex optical parts and costly sheath fluids. The analyzer complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards with various levels of security, and includes an audit log to monitor each action.

Shape Models

  • Circle models
  • Rectangle models
  • Ellipse models
  • Polygon models
  • Fiber models
  • Irregular models

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