K-Alpha™ XPS System from Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific K-Alpha is a high-performance X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer, designed to be easy to use and fast for a high-throughput workflow. K-Alpha is supplied with everything necessary for XPS analysis, including an ion source for depth profiling. 

The K-Alpha XPS system is a fully-featured instrument, configured with everything that is needed for surface analysis. The efficient spectrometer delivers high-quality results, with an easy-to-operate, but the powerful workflow that will speed through sample after sample after sample. 

Completely computer-controlled, with an ion source for sample cleaning and depth profiling, the K-Alpha system can also self-calibrate, giving complete traceability on the system performance. 

The instrument includes the latest version of the world-class Avantage software ensuring that quality data can be collected and interpreted quickly.

Materials Science K-Alpha Spectrophotometer

Application Areas

Metals, bio-materials, oxides, glass, fibers, carbon, ceramics, nanomaterials, powders, plastics and polymers.

Electrical Properties Physical Interactions Biological Nano-Materials Appearance
Transitor gates Non-Stick Implant acceptance 2D Materials Light transmission
Memory Scratch-resistant Drug elution nano-tubes Paint adhesion
Photovoltaics Waterproofing Anti-bacterial Core-shell nanoparticles Coatings
Contact resistance Composites Cell promotion    
Screen technology Flame retardants      


Product Features 

  • → High-performance, fully-featured XPS system 
  • → Unique sample viewing with the capability to facilitate rapid feature identification 
  • → Chemical state imaging 
  • → Large sample handling 
  • → Variable micro-focus X-ray source to match analysis area to feature 
  • → Ion source for depth profiling 
  • → Low energy flood source for insulator analysis 
  • → Built-in standards for self-calibration 


Whatever the experience of the operator, the K-Alpha XPS system delivers fast, research-grade results!

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