SPECTRO MIDEX - XRF Spectrometer

Generally, a non-destructive measuring system is required to perform various elemental analysis tasks in industry, research and science fields. Such measuring system must be extremely sensitive and should provide a small measuring spot. To address these requirements, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has designed an advanced SPECTRO MIDEX X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Clients’ feedback has been incorporated into the instrument to further optimize its performance. This resulted in a sophisticated X-ray fluorescence spectrometer that sets a new benchmark for analytical performance and ease of use.

The SPECTRO MIDEX X-ray fluorescence spectrometer provides quick and non-destructive analysis of small spots and allows instant mapping of huge surfaces of up to double EC format, 233x160 mm, 9.2x6.3”.

Key Features

The product features of the Spectro Midex X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer are:

  • Extremely fast and highly sensitive
  • Compact footprint
  • Can analyze small spots and map large surfaces
  • Integrated video system for accurate sample positioning


The applications of the Spectro Midex X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer are:

  • Forensics science
  • Analysis of jewelry and precious metal alloys
  • Analysis of small parts and detection of inclusions in the metal, aerospace and automotive industries
  • RoHS compliance screening of components and assemblies in the electronics industry

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