Spectro MS - ICP Mass Spectrometer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments offers SPECTRO MS, an advanced ICP mass spectrometer built on a Mattauch-Herzog geometry featuring the latest ion optic and detector technology. The instrument can concurrently determine the entire mass range employed for inorganic mass spectrometry from 6Li to 238U with a stable ion beam going to the detector.

Data storage for the complete mass spectrum allows high flexibility with respect to method development and helps in subsequently determining the elements in a sample even when it is no longer available. The SPECTRO MS can determine the element contents as well as the isotope ratios in the complete mass range from Li to U. Concurrent measurement can promote better accuracy and aid in developing innovative applications.

The SPECTRO MS sets a new level of standard for concurrent analysis, high reliability and simple operation. With better readout rate of its G3 ion detector, the instrument acquires excellent detection limits and unprecedented accuracy.

Key Features

The product features of the SPECTRO MS mass spectrometer are:

  • High sample throughput
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Unparalleled flexibility regarding method development
  • Isotope ratio analysis

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