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SPECTROTEST - Hand-Held Metal Analyzer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments offers SPECTROTEST, a hand-held metal analyzer designed for various applications in the metal manufacturing, metal processing and metal recycling sectors. The instrument provides excellent performance when precise analyses are required, when materials are hard to detect, or when large amounts of samples need to be tested.

The robust design of the instrument provides a wide range of ergonomic benefits to allow safe and easy onsite operation. The thin and lightweight probe is rapidly converted between spark excitation and arc excitation. For unique measuring applications, a probe featuring an integrated UV optic is provided. The latest probe model can also be used with arc excitation.

Additionally, the SPECTROTEST is capable of detecting low alloy steel with carbon content during the fast arc excitation mode. In spark mode, the analysis of sulfur and carbon phosphorous fit into potential applications, besides the detection of duplex steels utilizing the nitrogen content.

Key Features

The product features of the SpectroTest Metal Analyzer are:

  • Superior performance
  • Ergonomic benefits
  • Safe onsite operation
  • Probe with an integrated UV optic


The applications of the SpectroTest Metal Analyzer are:

  • Metal manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Metal recycling

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