Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences from Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss offers Shuttle & Find which is designed for determining the structures or cells that are required. They are imaged, and the specimen is transferred to scanning electron microscope (SEM) using a specifically designed holder. On a light microscope, the sample holder is calibrated, and then the regions of interest (ROI) are marked. The ROI position and images of specimen can be saved together.

Imaged are reloaded with the ROI after transferring the sample to SEM. The images can be moved to the corresponding location in a few seconds just by clicking the position marked in the image. By using 100x higher resolving power in the SEM, sub-cellular structures can be observed, identified and correlated with the functional information of the fluorescence signals with resolution down to a few nanometers. This helps in giving more information provided in the results. The light microscope can be aligned with the electron microscope by fine tuning the system.

Images, which are generated from microscope and SEM, are correlated and overlaid. This is useful for neurobiology, analysis of symbiotic relations, cell biology, and studies of host-parasite interaction. Shuttle & Find supports specific correlative holders for glass cover slips and TEM grids.

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