Elmarco Nanospider Air Conditioning Unit

Elmarco offers the Nanospider Air Conditioning (NS AC) product range, which is a collection of precision air conditioning peripherals exclusively designed to fulfill the needs of industrial nanofiber production and other similar production processes. In addition, the units deliver variable performance for experimental work, and offer excellent output temperature and humidity across a wide range of ambient environments.

Customized air conditioning units are offered by Elmarco to meet customer’s specific requirements. These units include parameters from a broad range of output and input characteristics and are designed for numerous capacity and operating modes. The customized air conditioning units offer output humidity accuracy of up to +/-2% and output temperature accuracy of +/-1°C." All units are optimized for low operating expenditures. The NS AC product range includes NS AC150, NS AC1000 and NS AC2000.

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Key Features

The product features of the NS Air Conditioning unit are:

  • Excellent output humidity and temperature across ambient environments
  • Customized units designed for various capacity and operating modes
  • Output temperature accuracy of +/-1°C and output humidity accuracy up to +/-2%
  • Provides variable performance for experimental work
  • Optimized for low operating costs

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