RIMA NANO™ - Hyperspectral Raman Imager from Photon etc.

The latest innovation of Photon etc, the RIMA NANO™ Raman hyperspectral imaging system is the fastest micro-imaging system for nanomaterial analysis from graphene to carbon nanotubes.

It offers speed as well as an excellent imaging quality at various excitation wavelengths making it an essential piece of equipment for industrial laboratories and research institutions.

Key Features

The key features of the RIMA NANO™ are:

  • Stokes and anti-Stokes
  • High spatial resolution
  • High spectral resolution
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Fast global mapping (non scanning)
  • Complete system (source, microscope, camera, filter, software)



Mono- and bilayer graphene - Investigation of CVD monolayer graphene with bilayer islands is performed with RIMA™.

Large area maps of defects, number of layers and stacking order is used to rigorously study the growth conditions.

Graphene CVD on copper - RIMA™ is used to thoroughly evaluate the structural properties of graphene grown in different condition. The intrinsic specificity of Raman scattering combined with global imaging capabilities allows users to assess large of defects, number of layers and stacking order.

Raman multiplexing - RIMA™ is used for the development and characterization of carbon nanotubes based Raman nanoprobes.

Raman hyperspectral imaging is employed for efficient multiplexing and biodetection.


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Specifications RIMA 532

RIMA 660

Spectral Range 90 - 4000 cm-1 200 - 4000 cm-1
Spectral Resolution < 7 cm-1 < 5 cm-1
Excitation Wavelength 532 nm 660 nm
Spatial Resolution Sub-micron
Microscope Upright
Objectives 20x, 50x, 100x
Camera Back-illuminated CCD camera 1024x1024px
Maximum Sample Format 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
X,Y Travel Range 75 mm x 1000 mm
Z Stage Resolution 1 µm
Maximum Scanning Speed 150 ms
Wavelength Absolute Accuracy 1 cm-1
Video Mode Megapixel camera for sample visualisation
Preprocessing Spatial filtering, statistical tools, spectrum extraction, data normalization, spectral calibration
Hyperspectral Data Format FITS, HDF5
Single Image Data Format JPG, PNG, TIFF, CSV, PDF, SGV
Software Computer with PHySpecTM control and analysis software included
Dimensions   ˜ 40" x 30" x 30" (102 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm)
Weight ˜ 80 Kg


Laser Additional excitation wavelengths available
Spectral Range Extension Anti-Stokes N/A
Camera HI Low-noise back-illuminated camera
Broadband COL camera Color 3MP Camera

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The RIMA NANO™ - Hyperspectral Raman Imager from Photon etc


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