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Voice Coils Linear Actuators from H2W Technologies

H2W Technologies offers voice coils linear actuators that have very low mechanical and electrical time constants. The low moving mass enables high accelerations of light payloads.

The actuators are compact and can be easily fitted into small spaces. They are wound in such a way that commutation is not needed for motion to occur, thus resulting in a simpler and more reliable system.

The actuators are capable of acceleration, velocity, and intricate position control when coupled with a position feedback device, bearing system, motion controller and linear servo amplifier. The actuators are suitable for short stroke closed loop servo applications and can also be employed for accurate force control because of the linear force against current characteristics.

The actuators are available in standard as well as custom sizes. Customers can choose from either the moving coil type (NCC Type) or moving magnet (NCM type).

Key Features

The main features of the voice coils linear actuators are:

  • Compact size
  • High accelerations
  • High force to weight ratio
  • No cogging or commutation
  • High flux density neodymium magnets are used
  • Custom designs with instant turnaround times.


The applications of the voice coils linear actuators are:

  • Medical diagnostic probes and laser beam steering
  • Z Axis for pick and place equipment
  • Miniature position control
  • Mirror tilt and focusing actuators. 

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