Linear Stepper Motors for Open Loop Positioning Applications by H2W Technologies

Linear stepper motor available from H2W Technologies is a complete positioning stage equipped with the motor, positioning system and bearings all integrated in a compact package.

When coupled with a microstepping drive and indexer, linear stepper motors can control precise position, acceleration and velocity.

They are suitable for open loop positioning applications with light payloads, and can be utilized at strokes up to 144” [3.6 m] and speeds up to 80 in /sec [2 m/sec]. When a linear encoder is integrated with the stepper, a closed loop system is produced.

Either roller or air-bearings guide the short moving assembly called a “forcer” along the precision ground track termed as “platen”. The bearings are specifically designed to support customers’ payload and to maintain the necessary 0.001” gap between the forcer and the platen.

Key Features

The main features of the linear stepper motors are:

  • High speed
  • Low profile and small cross section
  • Low cost positioning stage solution
  • Multiple forcers on a single platen
  • Servo tuning is not required.


The applications of the linear stepper motors are:

  • Fiber optic
  • Wire bonders
  • Pick and Place
  • Parts transfer.

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