H2W Technologies Limited Angle Torque Motors for Closed-loop Servo Applications

Limited angle torque motors available from H2W Technologies are capable of precise angular position, acceleration and velocity control when coupled to a rotary encoder and bearing system, or other feedback device. They are suitable for rotary, limited angular excursion, closed-loop servo applications.

The torquers are wound in such a way that commutation is not needed for motion to occur, thus resulting in a simpler and more consistent system.

Unlike standard rotary brush and brushless DC motors, the torquers can be easily fitted into spaces. High angular acceleration of the payload is realized through low moving inertia of the rotor assembly.

H2W Technologies offers two types of limited angle torque motors, such as the MR Series Limited Angle Torque Motor and the WR Series Limited Angle Torque Motor.

The MR Series includes a toroidally wound, stationary, coil assembly with a multi-pole permanent magnet rotor, while the WR Series features a stationary, arc segmented, multipole permanent magnet stator assembly with a low inertia wound wire rotor.

Key Features

The main features of the limited angle torque motors are:

  • No torque ripple
  • Brushless
  • High angular acceleration
  • Low profile
  • No commutation.


The applications of the limited angle torque motors are:

  • Military
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor.

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